J.E.V Petroleum's distribution strategy involves establishing strategic wholesale/refueling depots regionally. This approach provides customers with greater access to low-sulfur fuel and allows for more efficient and faster service. It also enables us to maintain strategic stock closer to customers, supply smaller quantities more regularly, and create a competitive advantage. Currently, we sell approximately 4 million liters of fuel per month to clients in agriculture, mining, transport, and forestry sectors.

J.E.V Petroleum efficiently delivers fuel across South Africa using a combination of company-owned and contractor-operated trucks for cost-effective transportation. In the Nelspruit/Mpumalanga region, J.E.V Petroleum have access to various fuel tankers and own various other vehicles, delivering between 1500L up to 40,000L & with current storage capacities of 500,000 liters at Alkmaar and 78,000 liters at Nelspruit depot.

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We have depot agreements with Online Petroleum, APN, Ifuell, FuelU, Wozani Berg Gasoline and Keyfleet, granting access to all their South African depots. Our goal is to supply clean fuels to our nationwide client base, a goal we are fully committed to achieving. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our strategy remains adaptable to new industry developments.

  • Alkmaar
  • Nelspruit

J.E.V Petroleum: Nelspruit

+27 (0) 13 492 0478
21 Bulpin Street,
Delta Park
Nelspruit, 1200

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